14 aug 2019- Vaping Industry Group sues the US government.

Vapor Technology Association, an American vaping industry group has sued the U.S. government on Aug 14 to delay an upcoming review of thousands of e-cigarettes on the market. The legal challenge by the Vapor Technology Assn. essentialy says the latest deadline of next May to submit vaping products for review should be delayed, because otherwise it could wipe out many of the smaller companies who don’t have the many to finance an FDA review. The lawsuit is the latest salvo against the Food and Drug Administration’s years-long effort to regulate the vaping industry, which includes makers and retailers of e-cigarette devices and flavored solutions.

Read more about the lawsuit here: https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2019-08-14/vaping-companies-sue-to-delay-ecigarette-review

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