About Us

Who We Are

We are a collective of vaping enthusiasts who began working with e-liquids and devices in 2012. Since then, we have seen a lot of products come and go, and have learned what the best types of flavours and blends are for our clients.

The KingsDew range of products is the result of our combined experience finding the best taste that modern vaping technology can offer. From our tobacco blends all the way to our fruity mixes, there is a little something for everybody, from the vaping specialist looking for that special flavours no-one else offers (go here), to the first comer who needs advice and decent options for their vaping debut (go here).

Come in, taste, never go back.

Why Are We Doing This

We at KingsDew believe you should vape using shortfill e-liquids for two reasons: better Health, more Choice.

Vaping is beneficial for your health- major studies show that vaping is the best promoter of the Harm Reduction doctrine- minimizing the impact of using nicotine products on your health. Instead of telling you to Quit Cigarettes or Die, we’re giving you a less harmful alternative, which helps you renounce cigarettes and also avoid some of the worse effects smoking has on your health. Yes, your health matters to us more than to your government.

We are also doing this because we believe in informed choice- and that smokers and vapers need to have access to the right products in order to make informed choices on e-liquids and devices they are looking to use. Shortfill e-liquids give you the possibility to combine them with nicotine as you see fit in order to obtain the right type of concentration you are looking for (go here– link la tips). They give you the options most producers don’t want you to have, and, most of all, the freedom to decide what’s best for you. Also, they will cost you much less (17 EUR / 60ml of 10mg nicotine in shortfill vs 30 EUR / 60ml with ready 2 vape 10ml e-liquids ), something mainstream producers are also not willing to tell you about.

KingsDew- better Health, more Choice.