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We at KingsDew believe that a good vaper is an informed vaper. Vaping has lately been under a lot of media attacks by obscure (and not so obscure) interests looking to equate vaping with smoking. The way we respond to this is very simple: by giving our customers all the data needed in order to make an informed decision. So you can check our news column weekly, where you will be able to find the latest news about vaping.

14 aug 2019- Vaping Industry Group sues the US government.

Vapor Technology Association, an American vaping industry group has sued the U.S. government on Aug 14 to delay an upcoming review of thousands of e-cigarettes on the market. The legal challenge by the Vapor Technology Assn. essentialy says the latest deadline of next May to submit vaping products for review should be delayed, because otherwise […]

8 aug 2019- Why banning vaping sales will do more harm than good.

A very good opinion piece by Raymond March, a research fellow at the Independent Institute and an assistant professor of economics at North Dakota State University, on why vaping device bans such as the recent one in San Francisco will actually hurt the fight against smoking. Among other things, March  explains why these sort of […]

8 aug 2019- Long-term vaping effects unknown? Not really.

Cameron English of the American Council on Science and Health explains why, compared to smoking, the long-term effects of vaping are actually quite well quantifiable, and not an unknown. As the author says: “But when we look at all the data and ignore overheated news stories, a consistent picture begins to emerge: e-cigs are probably […]