How To Quit Smoking

Top Tips To Quit smoking

  1. Choose a mouth-to-lung (MTL) device; they resemble the most the experience of smoking an actual cigarette.
  2. Match the nicotine level in your e-liquid with your previous cigarette use.
  3. Start simple …- with basic vaping devices (and not complicated tanks or mod boxes) and simple flavors that allow to get going and understand the process.
  4. …But don’t be afraid to experiment with nicotine strength, new flavors and devices, after an initial period of two weeks to two months, in order to find the right fit for you.
  5. Be patient with yourself. It can take two to three months or more to be completely off cigarettes.
  6. Don’t be over-ambitious. Lowering your nicotine levels too drastically, right after you’ve completely switched from cigarettes, might not work and get you back to cigarettes.
  7. Adapt your social habits to vaping- making sure your device is charged, timing your breaks accordingly, letting people know that you are vaping to quit smoking so that they don’t offer you cigarettes.

Choosing the right vaping device

This is actually quite simple: you need to choose between either a mouth-to-lung (MTL) or a direct –to-lung (DTL) device. MTL devices are either pod (capsule-based) or pen (filled with e-liquid) and are simpler to operate, while DTL devices are tanks or mod boxes, and are more complex.

Our advice: for people starting to vape, MTL devices are by far the better choice. Not only are they simpler to operate, but they mimic quite successfully the way a smoker inhales while smoking. Also, they can deliver high nicotine content, which is ideal for people looking to quit. Last but not least, because they don’t spread around big amounts of vapor clouds, they are less noticeable and are less of a nuisance for people around, drawing less attention.

One of the best known types of MTL devices are pod devices, where you put in a capsule (also named cartridge) that contains your desired flavor and you can start inhaling. They are a bit more expensive, but very convenient, since using them is really convenient- you don’t have to replace coils or push buttons during use.

The other main type of MTL devices are pen devices, where you have a tank filled with flavored e-liquid, and a coil that heats it into vapor. Pressing the device’s only one button helps turn it on and off. The coil is the most sensitive part of the device and needs regular changing every few weeks, or whenever you feel the e-liquid has a burnt taste.

DTL devices, which can be mod boxes or tanks, are more complex and generally favored by people who have experience vaping. They are less discreet, producing large amounts of vapor clouds, and are not recommended for quitting smoking, since they use lower concentration nicotine and a different type of inhaling from smoking. They might still work out for you, especially in the long run when you have gained a bit of experience regarding vaping.

Choosing the right type of e-liquid

E-liquids are nicotine or non-nicotine-laced liquids that are placed in your device and can deliver nicotine and flavor via the vapor emitted by the device. If your target is to quit smoking, you must use an e-liquid that contains nicotine. This will give you the nicotine you need to avoid withdrawal, without all the harmful substances that come with smoking actual cigarettes.

It is very important to choose the right nicotine concentration, and then manage and adjust it throughout the time you are vaping. The basic rule to follow when picking an e-liquid: at least at the beginning, the body must receive from vaping the same quantity of nicotine that it did previously during smoking. So, a smoker who used to smoke one pack of cigarettes/day, with a nicotine concentration of 6mg/cigarette, would get about 120 mg of nicotine/day. Thus, when vaping the same person will need to vape about 10-12 ml of e-liquid per day, with a concentration of 10 mg.

If you don’t feel like making calculations or are just not sure about your previous nicotine intake, try starting with a medium concentration , between 12 and 18 mg, and then adjust it until you find the right level. That mean you can start on a higher nicotine concentration such as 12, 18, 24 mg and then over time reduce it a lower concentration, or to an e-liquid with zero nicotine. Most people who vape prefer to decrease their nicotine concentration gradually, after using it for several months at their “starting level”.

It is important to understand that the process require a certain amount of patience. Some people find it very easy to transition from smoking to vaping in a matter of days. For other people it takes more time: it is not an issue if for a time you are “in between” vaping and cigarettes and use both. It can take months to be fully off cigarettes – be patient and you’ll get there.