Vaping Benefits

There are many benefits to vaping. They are mainly to do with your health, but also with the health of those around you and with the fact that vaping can also be less expensive than smoking. Here are the most important, and also some of the proof that these benefits are real:

Vaping products are massively less harmful than smoking.

Yes, vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking, largely because vaping products contain only a fraction of the 7,000- plus chemicals (many of them harmful) found in cigarettes. Evidence: Public Health England, aug 2015- „E-cigarettes: an evidence update”

Vaping can considerably increase your chances to quit smoking.

Using vaping as a smoking cessation method can almost double success rates of quitting smoking. People using e-cigarettes to quit smoking are about 95% more likely to report success than those trying to quit without help from any stop-smoking aids, according to the results of a large study released in 2019.

Evidence: Addiction, may 2019- Study funded by Cancer Research UK

Vaping does not harm people around you the way smoking does.

There is no real potential harm from second-hand vapor to people around vapers. Unlike cigarettes, vaping devices do not eliminate nicotine-containing vapor at both ends. Only the end used to inhale emanates nicotine vapor.  Thus, there is no justification for an indoor ban on vaping devices, since your vaping is safe for people around you: there is no such thing as “second-hand vapor”.

Evidence: Cancer Research UK, nov 2016- Cancer Research UK Briefing: Electronic Cigarettes

If you need to maintain a nicotine habit long-term, vaping is still better.

Long-term vaping is safer than smoking. Studies on ex-smokers, looking at long-term vaping outcomes in “real world” users, showed that those who made the switch had far fewer toxins and cancer-causing substances in their bodies than continual smokers.

Evidence: Annals of Internal Medicine, feb 2017- Nicotine, Carcinogen, and Toxin Exposure in Long-Term E-Cigarette and Nicotine Replacement Therapy Users: A Cross-sectional Study

Improves oral hygiene

Vaping is much better than smoking when it comes to the health of your mouth. Because of the chemicals in tobacco, long-term use can lead to the yellowing of your teeth and even staining of your fingers and lips. A study discovered after 2-week research that vaping does not stain teeth. Vaping doesn’t cause teeth to stain because unlike tobacco there is no smoke and therefore, no tar left behind to stain and build up on teeth.

Evidence: British American Tobacco Research, mar 2018- Presented at the Annual Conference of the American Association for Dental Research in Florida, US.

Much More Cost-Effective

Tobacco products taxation differs depending on where you live, but of one thing you can be sure- they are always heavily taxed. You can save a lot of money by vaping and making your own e-liquid. 

Evidence:, nov 2016- “Vaping is 40% less expensive than smoking.”