Vaping Questions

If you want to know anything about the products on our website, or just vaping in general, please ask here!

Here are some of the questions we get routinely asked:

Jacques, France: Where do you produce the e-liquids sold on your website?

Answer: Our e-liquids are produced in the European Union, in accordance with European standards, which are some of the most stringent in the world

Maria, Romania: Am I allowed to use vaping devices on planes?

Answer: Most airlines forbid the use of vaping devices on their planes or during flight. That has less to do with their resemblance to cigarettes or second-hand smoking (which doesn’t exist in vaping) and more with the fact that they are an electronic device, whose use is forbidden during flight.

Jonathan, United Kingdom: Can vaping make you fell as relaxed as smoking?

Answer: Yes it can, since the relaxation is a result of inhaling nicotine. Also, vaping also gives you many more options when it comes to flavors. So you can satisfy your nicotine fix, but also a sweets craving, by using a desert-flavored e-liquid.

Mitchell, United States: Are vaping products FDA approved?

Answer: Until 2018, vaping products could be sold without premarket approval. That year, the FDA announced that it extended its regulatory jurisdiction over tobacco products to also include e-cigarettes and vape pens, which means that while they don’t have “full approval”, all vaping products sold to the US need to submit to US production and packaging standards. Starting with 2020, all vaping products in the US will need to be FDA- approved.